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jee mathematics

JEE Advanced Mathematics Test

Dear JEE MAIN Applicants, we have accumulated the best practice test for JEE mathematics only for you.

From 2018 onwards all the entrances for competitive examinations such as JEE MAIN, BITSAT all are conducted online and are applied and attempted ny the students online. All the applicants have to just sit in front of a system and answers all the questions one by one. 

From 2018 onwards JEE MAIN's will be conducted twice a year, in the months of January and April.

The pattern, the syllabus, the questions, the timing, the marking all remains the same, the only difference is the mode of examinations, which has been moved to Online.

So we have created the same platform for you to practice your skills online, with the best questions there are. Now, you can practice all your MAthematics questions online.

But in order to attempt the test, first you need to possess complete knowledge regarding the syllabus, the chapters, marking and then only you will be fully prepared for attempting the JEE Advance Mathematics Test.

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